I’ll just cut right to the chase concerning Fox News’ biggest and most well known blowhard, one William James O’Reilly, who has been a tear this week while addressing his newfound concern for the safety and well-being of black people all across America and young black males in particular.


O’Reilly’s disingenuous outrage regarding “Black on Black” violence in America’s inner cities has all of sudden surfaced in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict and the reaction of disgust that it has generated within the African-American community. Nationwide protests by thousands of individuals and calls for the repeal of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law have been the norm over the last month.


O’Reilly in his quest to look out for the best interests of black folks feels that all of this is wasted energy. O’Reilly feels that race hustlers (the right’s new favorite term) in the Civil Rights community and elected black officials, including the President of the United States have been too vocal about Trayvon Martin’s murder and not vocal enough about everyday acts of crime committed by blacks on other blacks. All of this is just Bill-O, and the right’s way of saying “racism was a thing of the past and if black people really want to make it in America they would marry before they had kids, and get an education.” So in Bill’s mind he has had the magic elixir, the cure for this problem all of this time.


The notion itself that voices within Black America haven’t been screaming about personal responsibility is preposterous. You would think that a Harvard educated television personality like O’Reilly would know how to perform a Google search. If he bothered he would only have to look to President Obama’s commencement speech at Atlanta’s historically black Morehouse College back in May where the President took black folks to task for their personal shortcomings while not addressing issues of unemployment, stagnant wages, the destruction of public schools, the easy access of handguns and so on and so on.


Obama’s Morehouse performance was the type of one-sided rhetorical speech O’Reilly himself would be proud of under normal circumstances, but the fact that he and his right-wing cohorts hate 44 with every fiber of their being kind of makes being honest on that front pretty difficult. These people wouldn’t give Obama credit if he did his best Allen West impersonation and talked about being a slave on the Democrats’ plantation.


Back to O’Reilly, though. Bill-O trotted out the one line in particular that conservatives have been spouting since the beginning of time, “Too many black babies are born out of wedlock.”

In the 50’s and 60’s it was famed Republican and right-wing icon William F. Buckley who hurled insults at Dr. Martin Luther King and accused him of only being out for his own personal gain all the while touting that the root of the problem with the African-American community to him was illegitimacy. O’Reilly seems to have picked up the mantle.


I, personally have not be shy in saying that there are way too many single mother’s in the African-American community, and while a good 95% of them-like my mom- are well intentioned and focused on doing the best job that they can in terms of raising their families the fact of the matter is that it is way too difficult, and the possibility of that child turning out to be successful and a positive contributor to society are enhanced if he/she has a father in their life.


The question I have for O’Reilly is if he is so concerned about the African-American community and babies born to single mother’s then why isn’t he using the very large platform that he has to promote and advocate a women’s right to terminate a pregnancy if she feels that having a child is not in the best interest for her and her family at that time. What’s that Bill, you think abortion is a barbaric practice that should be abolished, Okay while I disagree with you completely I would be willing to compromise. Why don’t you use your large platform to promote sex education in public schools, Why don’t you tout the use of contraceptives by all people to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and by the way why did you take part in the right’s public smearing of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who has the same good intentions that you claim you do. Why don’t you support the portion of the President’s healthcare law demanding employers provide their employees contraceptive coverage, I mean the goal is to prevent a fat cat such as yourself from picking up the tab that comes with delinquent parents who don’t provide for their children, isn’t it?


Of course it isn’t Bill, the goal is for you to continue to play to the base that worships you, the goal is for you to continue to make as much cash as possible by spewing the most hateful, venomous, racist poison, that an individual can muster, and if that means denying the real and not imagined realities of unequal drug possession sentences when it comes to black offenders vs. white offenders, the massive attempts by the Republican Party- A party you say you don’t belong to but somehow align yourself with on every issue- to prevent people of color from being able to vote and yes the inability of an unarmed seventeen year old black kid to walk down a street in his own neighborhood without being profiled and killed, if it means ignoring all of that O’Reilly, then that’s exactly what you will do.


It’s this kind of week long, example of “real” race baiting that makes Bill O’Reilly much worse than anyone else the right has to offer. Worse than Limbaugh, worse than Hannity, worse than Coulter. O’Reilly is the type of individual who my maternal grandmother would describe as “someone who throws a rock and then hides his hand.” An individual who wants to dip his toe in the water of racial hatred, but still be mainstream enough to appear on “The Today Show” in the morning and Leno or Letterman at night, things that the previously mentioned three have very little if any interest in doing.


So Kudos Bill, you base is happy and you’ve probably gotten some “attaboy’s” from your peach of a boss Roger Ailes, who is no stranger to “real” race-baiting. (Ailes played huge roles in Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy and George H.W. Bush’s “Willie Horton” ad.) However you and I both know the real truth. It’s just a shame that there are literally millions of reasons why you won’t acknowledge it.