Allow me to put forth my feelings concerning one Glenn Greenwald, I’m not a fan. I’m at least not a fan of certain aspects of his political leanings and positions that he has taken in the past. Greenwald, a columnist for the United States edition of The Guardian and former constitutional lawyer who has made the defense of civil liberties pretty much his life’s work has backed some head scratching causes in the past.


In the preface of his first book “How Would A Patriot Act?” Greenwald talks about his initial support for the Iraq War even though most people with a brain and the ability to look at the shocking lack of evidence put forward by the Bush Administration could see that even from the outset it was and will always remain a really bad idea.


Greenwald also has been very vocal in his defense of the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United. Apparently he is under the impression that corporations are people too and that not having your name disclosed for donating a small fortune to politicians for the express purpose of having your agenda become a reality is indeed a First Amendment right.


Greenwald in breaking the story of an ex C.I.A. Operative who leaked classified information on Government surveillance hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory either. He has come off as the guy in the end zone who goes on just a little bit too long with his touchdown dance given his constant media appearances and his one man coming attractions previews concerning future bombshells.


Now that we have gotten all of that out of the way, the NSA leak story has nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do with Glenn Greenwald or his colleagues in the media Laura Poitras and Barton Gellman and has everything to do with the United States Government.


In a Press Conference from California last Friday, one that was meant to discuss the Healthcare Law President Obama pretty much confirmed that the information that was leaked by a man that we now know as Edward Snowden was indeed accurate while telling the American public that they have to swallow hard and choose between 100% privacy and 100% safety.


While going on to say that National Security and the levels to which it is practiced is a debate that he and his Administration welcome, even though most people know that he and they really don’t the President is buoyed by the fact that he has broad bipartisan support from elected officials in Washington D.C. who see Snowden as the next Bradley Manning, a traitor who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Give me another issue where two people like Dianne Feinstein and Lindsay Graham are in totally agreement.


While the President and Congress have disparaged Snowden and the media certain aspects of both Conservative (which is to be expected) and Liberal coalitions have also taken Greenwald and company too task for their coverage of the issue and have expressed their own flat out ambivalence to the Government possibly overstepping it’s bounds.


In a Washington Post/Pew Research poll 56% of people consider the NSA accessing telephone records as “acceptable” while only 41 % of people consider it “unacceptable.”


Some liberals have also had a problem with Greenwald pointing out that the United States Government used it’s powers to spy on Civil Rights Leaders of the 1950s and 60s most notably Martin Luther King Jr.. They say that Dr. King was a private citizen who hadn’t broken any laws and therefore shouldn’t have been exposed to that kind of treatment, (which he was and shouldn’t have been.) but the Government then, namely J. Edgar Hoover and Robert F. Kennedy said there was probable cause for them to spy on Dr. King, The Black Panthers, anti-war protesters, and left wing radicals of that time.


Sounds a lot like what the Bush Administration fed us and what the Obama Administration is feeding us now. People who are not terrorists or any other kind of law breakers are indeed under Government surveillance right now. Also forgive me if I don’t take the President at his word that “Nobody’s phone calls are being listened to.”


The media can sometimes be infuriating for it’s uncontrollable urge to make the stories they cover somehow about them, Glenn Greenwald has once again confirmed this, That doesn’t mean however that American public should give in to cynicism and express outrage or ask questions of the beltway press that they should be asking of the people they sent to D.C..


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