The year 2012 is over and like every other over hyped and overpaid cable news pundit/political columnist (not the ones I’m fond of) It almost seems like it is my obligation to present to you some sort of list that details the best and the worst of the last year.


Being that I consider myself a realist who would rather do away with the people who are standing in the way of progress I, Eric Leshawn Brewton now give you the Top 10 Political Scumbags of 2012 from first to worst.


  1. Stacy Campfield. I know for a fact that there are a lot of good people in Tennessee, and all of them were shaking their heads or hiding them in disgust when Republican State Senator Campfield introduced a bill in the State House this year that outlawed using the word “gay” in public schools (the “Don’t Say Gay” bill). Some of Campfield’s reasons for coming up with such a ridiculous waste of taxpayer’s time and money would have made Pat Buchanan at his most homophobic blush. On the bullying and suicides of gay teens Campfield said “The bullying thing is the biggest lark there is.” On why only heterosexuality should be discussed in schools Campfield gave us, “I just think there are situations where some kids maybe sexually unsecure [sic] in themselves or sexually confused and don’t necessarily know clearly what direction they are. If someone, a person of influence, says maybe you’re gay, maybe you should explore those things — maybe the child, who is young and impressionable, says maybe I am gay.” Keep in mind that the Volunteer State also put a teacher on trial for actually teaching evolution years ago. The more things change the more the stay the same. Here’s to hoping for a special place in hell for Mr. Campfield should it exist.


  2. Rush Limbaugh. The manic, hypocritical, pill popping blowhard that is Rush could make this list every year without very little if any effort, however 2012 was extra scummy by his own standards. In addition to continuing the narrative that President Obama wasn’t actually born in America or that Mitt Romney was dead on with his 47% comments, Limbaugh really outdid himself by referring to Georgetown Law School Student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” after she was not allowed to testify before a congressional committee about contraception and the Affordable Care Act. Realizing that he had finally crossed a line, and that the people who actually pay his $50 million a year salary, his advertisers were ready to bail, Limbaugh issued one of the weakest apologies know to man while still managing to look extremely small. The flip side of that was Ms. Fluke coming out as dignified as ever and emerging as an effective and much needed voice in the area of Women’s Rights.


  3. Darrell Issa. The guy who is really responsible for Rush doing his Andrew “Dice” Clay impersonation was California Republican Congressman Darrell Issa. It was Issa who put together that sham committee, and it was Issa who felt that it wasn’t important to have at least one female voice at table during a discussion on female reproductive rights, go figure. It was also Issa who gave us the year’s other fake scandal being investigated by Congress which was that evil U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the whole “Fast and Furious” saga, which turned out to be nothing but smoke. If only Issa had been involved in the Susan Rice-Benghazi flap he would have been three for three. I’m always asking why this asshole won’t take his millions of dollars and just leave Washington D.C.


  4. Rick Santorum. The mere mention of his name pisses me off, When I google it however I laugh my ass off (thanks again Dan Savage). Santorum had no business whatsoever being a legit Presidential candidate, but that is how much of a freak show the Republican primaries were in 2012. Santorum also offered my favorite quote of campaign season when he said “I don’t want to make blah people’s lives better by giving them someone else’s money.” Has anyone ever checked the Blah box when asked about their ethnicity, is it even a choice. In addition to calling the President a snob for championing education, Santorum topped off the year by becoming a columnist for the conspiracy theory loving site World Net Daily who actually started the whole birther nonsense. Santorum shouldn’t exit the stage though, if he is a candidate in 2016 that means the GOP hasn’t learned their lesson.


  5. Newt Gingrich. There are many reasons why old Newt should be on this list, but the main one is his flat out arrogance. If you were to tell the former Speaker of the House that he isn’t the smartest man in the room he would really be insulted. Gingrich made a lot of hay with the far right when during the primaries he said he wanted to challenge Barack Obama to a series of six Lincoln-Douglas styled debates, you know because the black guy can’t possibly be as smart as he is. Gingrich also used his desire for his then wife to enter into an open marriage to slam CNN debate moderator John King and in effect become the most serious challenge Mitt Romney had. Gingrich can’t possibly extend his political career any further, then again as long as he is begging to be on cable news anywhere he may be the political version of a cockroach or a twinkie, you won’t be able to destroy him.


  6. Sheldon Adelson. You just knew that at some point Newt’s sugar daddy would make an appearance. If you ever need advice on how to blow $100 million dollars call Linda McMahon, then call Adelson. The fact that Shelly keep Gingrich’s campaign alive longer than it should have e been by pumping it with cash infusion after cash infusion should be grounds for him to never be able to contribute financially ever again. The fact that his millions couldn’t help Romney after Newt dropped out was delicious irony however.


  7. John McCain. As I have said numerous times I respect John McCain a lot. I couldn’t have survived a day in the Hanoi Hilton, that being said to see him turn into the bitter hateful person that he has become since losing the 2008 election is just sad. McCain lives for one thing and one thing only now and that is to cause headaches for Barack Obama. Whether it’s criticizing the President for not taking us into another war in Syria or smearing and insulting his top choice for Secretary of State, McCain just can’t let losing go and instead he has let go of his reputation.


  8. John Husted. Even though he is the Secretary of State in Ohio, Husted is essentially a nobody who made noise this year by doing his damnedest to keep poor people and minorities from voting this year. Husted, a Republican, blatantly tried to cut voting hours in Democratic leading districts in Ohio while not doing the same Republican leading districts. Making this list means Husted is really just the symbol for Republican politicians and legislators across the country who tried to rig the game because they had a piss poor candidate.


  9. Wayne LaPierre. The voice of the National Rifle Association was hovering around the bottom of this list after his ridiculous responses to all of the mass shootings we have seen over the past couple of years, but it was his shameful, responsibility free response to the Newtown tragedy that got him his current placing. LaPierre blamed everything under the sun for Newtown except the assholes who manufacture the killing machines that he works overtime to protect. LaPierre is in effect the lawyer who defends the neighborhood drug dealer, his client is dealing death but that shouldn’t stand in the way of collecting a healthy profit.


  10. Mitt Romney. Come on, you really didn’t think I was gonna let it go did you. Mitt Romney sold his soul, disavowed everything he ever believed in and turn his back on his greatest political achievement just to be the President of the United States. He was the emptiest of vessels who was willing to be anything the far right wanted. He was so tone def to the needs of average every day Americans that he gave us the now infamous 47% comments. As much as some white working class voters dislike Barack Obama they couldn’t see themselves pulling the lever for Romney and after telling minorities that if they wanted “free stuff” they should vote for the other guy the Presidential election should have never really been in any doubt. The good news for Willard is that now he can retire to one of his many homes with their numerous car elevators.


Honorable Mentions to assholes like John Sununu, George Zimmerman, and Eric Cantor, just didn’t have the room guys.


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